7 Tips for Choosing a Lawn Care Service in Northern Virginia

Written By: Todd Thomasson

Once the weather warms up in Virginia, it’s time to go outside. You want to take in some sweet spring air while you walk around your lawn to see how things look.

That’s usually when you start to make a mental list of your findings. You see a patch of bare lawn in one area and a weed or two growing in another. Yikes! Weeds already!? Yep, before you can even begin to enjoy the warmer temperatures, weeds have snuck in without warning.
And instantly you might feel overwhelmed. What can you do to fix your lawn? And is it too late to start? Maybe it’s time to bring in some help.

But choosing a lawn care service in Northern Virginia can be stressful. You want to find someone you can trust. In a world where businesses promise things they can’t always deliver, you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching and vetting companies and then end up being disappointed. And, most importantly, you want to make the right decision so your lawn doesn’t suffer in the process.

This is why doing the right research now will save you time in the long run. And, what’s more, once you find a company you can stick with, you won’t have to go through the searching process again.

Before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things to consider when reviewing lawn care company services near Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA.

How to Choose a Lawn Care Company

When you receive a list of lawn care services and treatment plans from different companies, you want to make sure you review them thoroughly. Each plan you review should match your expectations.

lawn care technician uses walk behind spreader to apply fertilizer

Many companies can do the bare minimum but companies that offer lawn fertilization and mosquito control must have specialized licensing and training, as well as the right equipment to do the job right.

For these reasons, it’s important for you to focus on these specific company characteristics when you want to hire a lawn care company to ensure you’re getting the best service possible in Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA.

1. A Company That Can Provide Multiple Services

There are many companies that offer lawn fertilization, and insects and disease treatments. But if you’re looking for companies that also offer aeration and overseeding, as well as mosquito control, this can limit your list further.

lawn care technician aeration 2

On top of seeking one company for all of your landscape needs, finding one that excels in all of these areas can add some additional complexity to your search.

Figuring out how to hire a lawn care company that does everything you need – and does it very well – is crucial. Why? Because the benefit to you is huge. You don’t need to call more than one company for all of your needs, and you can build a solid relationship with one company. This also builds trust and saves you time. What’s not to love?

2. A Company That Offers Lawn Care Service Consistency

Inconsistency is one of those traits lawn care services shouldn’t embody. Lawn care services need to be reliable and regular so your lawn can benefit.

Lawn care is an exact science. Everything from the soil test to the fertilization and weed control timing to the accuracy of equipment calibration and product application is essential. You can’t have one service be done well and the next be done with skipped steps or else the results will visibly suffer.

You want to find lawn care services in Northern Virginia that are consistently great.

Companies that value the work they do will be able to explain their process and standard to you, as well as how they uphold their quality. That’s the kind of company you want to work with.

Use This Tool to Compare Northern Virginia Lawn Services

3. A Company That Embodies Service Professionalism

Lawn care workers come to your home on a fairly regular basis. Therefore, how to choose a lawn care company also involves looking for a business that has service expertise and employs people who act polite and professional on your property.

crew standing in front of van with machine

You’re looking for a company that embodies values like trustworthiness, dependability, and proper training. You want to feel safe and confident that they are on your property.

These are the types of businesses that will also take responsibility for any mistakes they make.

4. A Company That is Dedicated to Their Work

There are many lawn care companies you can hire in Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA. But you want a business with employees who treat your lawn like it’s their own.

That’s why choosing a lawn care service in Northern Virginia also means finding a company that takes pride in their work. Lawn care problems can be very specific to your turf type, soil condition, sun exposure, and watering or mowing habits. Therefore, you want a company that trains their staff to look for these specifics and truly understand lawns in this area. You want someone who will be dedicated to figuring out your lawn care issues and resolving them.

This is why you should never receive quotes from professionals who have not seen your lawn. How would they know what your yard looks like, what services would fit, or what your concerns are without talking to you?


Also, your lawn care professional should be able to conduct a free soil test to get a better picture of what is happening with your lawn. Then they can suggest a plan for improvement. Your soil is at the core of positive growth for your lawn’s roots. What the soil shows can explain quite a bit about why a lawn may be underperforming.

5. A Company Looking For a Long-Term Business Relationship

When you seek out professional lawn care services in Northern Virginia, you’re looking for someone who will get to know your lawn so he or she can get to know your yard, your specific lawn care issues, and can then use that knowledge to continue providing you with great service.

You want a company that’s committed to forming a long-term relationship with you.

6. A Company That Offers More Than Just Service Fees

While comparing apples to apples is always the best way to truly make a great choice, you may begin to realize as you look through the list of lawn care services in Northern Virginia that it’s more like comparing apples and oranges.

When looking at service fees, you want to make sure the actual services line up. For example, in addition to fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the growing season, is preventive crabgrass control and lawn insect and disease monitoring a part of the company’s service package?

lawn care technician spot spraying weeds

Larger, national lawn care companies may come in offering cheaper rates, but those prices may include fewer services or less of a total package in terms of building a solid relationship with someone who will take the time to get to know your lawn. You don’t want to hire a company that’s just trying to check your home off their list and move on as quickly as possible.

Also, make sure you pay attention to all of their service offerings in case there are things on there that you might be interested in for the future, like mosquito control.

7. A Company With Responsive Customer Service

When it comes to your lawn, you want to hire a lawn care company that offers responsive customer service.

You don’t want a company that will treat you like a number or won’t discuss your lawn care concerns with you and just leave you with a bill after barely paying attention to your yard.

You want a lawn care business that is available to answer your questions and quickly respond to them. You want a company that wants to invest time in you and your lawn.

Hire A Lawn Care Company That is Best For You

When you are choosing a lawn care service in Northern Virginia, you want to take the time to make a decision you feel good about. After all, your relationship will be long-lasting and close to home. You want to feel comfortable with the lawn care business you hire so you can ask questions anytime, maintain trust in the service provided, keep worries to a minimum, and – most importantly – have a great-looking lawn.

Between bare spots and weeds and strange colored grass, lawn problems are hard enough to figure out. You don't need the extra hassle of hiring a company that doesn’t come through for you -- or, worse, does a poor job, meaning you have to repeat this search process all over again.

lawn care technician fertilizes yard

We know finding the right partner for your lawn can be overwhelming. That’s why we’d like to help. We hope this list gives you some sense of the qualities you should be looking for. But we also hope you’ll consider Turf’s Up in your search.

We have grown at a steady rate to ensure our quality of service doesn’t suffer. We’re committed to keeping you happy because we care about our customers. And we want to respond to your questions and resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

We would obviously love to be your choice for lawn care in Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA. We want you to have a lawn that stands out from the rest. We want to be your single point of contact for all of your landscape needs. We’re committed to bettering the lawns in our community, and we want to add you to our list of happy customers.

Ready to learn why Turf’s Up could be your totally awesome choice for lawn care services near Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA? We’re stoked to learn more about you and help you have the best lawn on the block. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we can prepare a customized plan that is perfect for you and your yard.lawn care service comparison

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