Totally Awesome Lawn Care Services in and around Loudoun County & Prince William County

You want your property to look awesome. Your gnarly lawn may not be doing you any favors.

You have better things to do than to become an expert in lawn care science. You’re tired of weeds and bare spots adding to the frustration. Why can’t you have a great lawn like your neighbors do?

Getting a great lawn should be easy. Dealing with a lawn care service should be a carefree experience.

A great lawn care program should simply create thick, green grass. The right lawn care treatments should keep weeds and insects at bay, and keep you smiling. After all, there are enough things that can stress you out during a typical day, and your lawn shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s time to enjoy your lawn again … and even have some fun along the way.

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Soil Test

A soil test will identify nutrient deficiencies in your lawn and help us know exactly what it needs. Your lawn care program will aim to give your grass exactly what it needs each year, but this critical step can identify if you’re already behind the curve and need some additional help.

Fertilizer & Micronutrient Treatments

You want a great lawn; who doesn’t? Our soil test determines the exact fertilization requirements your lawn needs so we can deliver just the right amount of nutrition to keep it thick and healthy. Get ready to run through your lawn with bare feet; it’ll look and feel that good.

crew spraying

Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Control Treatments

Crabgrass, dandelions and other lawn weeds are not invited to the party! Yet there they are practically hanging out with umbrella drinks ruining your event with their loud mouths and brash appearance. They shouldn't be able to bully their way in without an invite. We tackle the toughest weeds -- many times even before they appear with a properly timed pre-emergent application -- so you don't have to hire a bouncer.

Lawn Insect & Preventative Grub Control

Grubs and other lawn pests create a whole lot of havoc in your lawn, souring its appearance. They munch their way through your grass roots severing the blades’ ability to soak up water and nutrients (and then your grass croaks). Our insect control services target lawn-damaging insects so pests go away and your lawn looks its best.

aeration holes plugs and seed 2

Limestone Application

Virginia lawns are notorious for being acidic. Limestone helps correct soil pH so your lawn can thrive. This will help your lawn better absorb nutrients and can even make weed controls more effective.

Double-Pass Core Aeration, Overseeding & Topdressing

When your soil isn’t happy, your grass will let you know with that rundown appearance and splotchy, patchy bits. Our unique double-pass aeration and overseeding can bring life back to your lawn so you can be proud of how it looks. Seed to soil contact is crucial for germination, and double-pass lawn aeration and seeding boost this connection. Want to prevent your lawn from fading? Annual core aeration and overseeding services can keep your lawn looking great year-round. After aeration and overseeding, we topdress the lawn with compost to improve soil structure and microbial life, ensuring lawn roots get the nutrients they need to grow.

Want to spend more time outside, admiring your lawn and beaming with pride that yours is the best on the block?

We’ve got it covered so you can hang loose.

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Our lawn constantly gets compliments and many of our neighbors have gotten their services after seeing how wonderful our lawn looks. We highly recommend them to everyone. They are high quality and worth every penny.

Mary J.