We’re Stoked to Bring You Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Control Services in and around Loudoun County & Prince William County

Take a look outside. Those gorgeous trees and gleaming green lawn in the back are calling you outside.

But so are the mosquitoes. In fact, they seem to be waiting for you to step outside. Are you also constantly finding ticks on your dog every time you let him out? We know it’s a bummer. No one wants to spend their days avoiding their favorite outdoor spots because of a little mosquito or a nasty tick.

Nothing ruins your time outdoors more than these pesky insects. Our Loudoun and Prince William County, VA flea, tick and mosquito yard treatments can save the day and get you back to enjoying your yard again.

boy and dog in lawn

Flea & Tick Control

Your best pal may be your dog, and we’d never judge. Protect Rover -- as well as yourself and your family -- from fleas and ticks that are hanging out on vegetation in your yard, ready to grasp on to passers-by and then come into your home and continue their blood-sucking feast. What’s more, ticks are notorious for bringing lyme disease. No one wants that. Spend your time on puppy and child cuddles instead of constantly having to check pets and kids for these gnarly pests. 

mosquito on arm

Mosquito Control

Nothing is much worse than the annoying buzz of mosquitoes flying past your ears … except for the itchy, red bumps that follow and seem to linger for days. Unfortunately, today, those scratchy bumps come with life-threatening illnesses like West Nile virus. Not cool. Don’t bail on backyard activities and let the mosquitoes win. Stop the bites and enjoy the outdoors again. 

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Naturally Awesome Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Control Services

During the worst season for these bugs -- April 1 through November -- we offer a series of 12 treatments of cedar oil every three weeks that naturally wipes out pests. We spray this around your property perimeter and under decks. We also seek other popular mosquito, flea, and tick haunts and make sure we cover them. The three week timing ensures that once the product wears out, we’re back again so those insects can’t sneak their way back into your yard.

Get ready for an endless summer!

Nothing will keep you inside anymore. Promise.

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Our lawn constantly gets compliments and many of our neighbors have gotten their services after seeing how wonderful our lawn looks. We highly recommend them to everyone. They are high quality and worth every penny.

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