7 Lawn Care Companies in Haymarket, Gainesville, & Warrenton, VA

Written By: Todd Thomasson

Unfortunately, it’s easy for your eyes to begin to glaze over when you start looking for the best lawn care companies in and around Haymarket, Gainesville, & Warrenton, VA.

Fertilizer, weed control, seeding, overseeding, aeration, grub control. It can all become a big blur after a while.

In fact, if you’re stressed about the choice you have to make, we completely understand.

What if you choose the wrong company and waste money? What if they become a big stressor for you, cutting corners on the lawn care services they perform at your home or ignoring your phone calls and requests?

We know you’re looking for the best lawn care services in Northern Virginia. You want a company you can trust who will show up when they say they will with skilled and courteous employees who know how to make your lawn look healthy, thick, green, and – most importantly – weed-free. We know not being able to eliminate your weeds is a deal-breaker.

It’s completely acceptable to say you want a lawn your neighbors will admire – maybe even the best lawn on the block. You’re not alone; it’s what most people want.

We’d like to help you pare down your choices. Take a look at some of these best Virginia lawn care companies to aid in your research and decision-making process.

7 Lawn Care Companies in Haymarket, Gainesville, & Warrenton, VA

Here are some of the companies that will likely come up when you search for lawn care services in Haymarket, Gainesville, or Warrenton, VA. Here’s what you should know about them.

Ultra Turf

Ultra Turf isn’t just a lawn care company. The business also focuses on mowing, maintenance, and landscape design and installation.

This lawn care company began in Ashburn, VA in 1987.

Virginia Green Lawn Care

Virginia Green Lawn Care provides services in 6 locations, including Richmond, Midlothian, Williamsburg, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Northern Virginia.

Founded in 2004, this Richmond, VA-based business offers lawn care, tree and health care, and perimeter pest control. In 2004, this business started with 4 technicians, and today it has 250 employees.

NaturaLawn of America

NaturaLawn is a pretty large business with $43 million in revenue nationally and 7 locations alone in Virginia, including Ashburn, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Newport News, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Winchester.

This franchise business has a home base in Frederick, MD, but there are 36 franchise owners in 24 states and the District of Columbia who hold 91 franchise licenses and service 100,000 customers.


BioGreen is an irrigation and lawn care business. The company also offers mosquito control.

With 2 service centers and 40 employees, BioGreen takes care of clients in Sterling, VA, and Manassas, VA.


TruGreen is not based in Northern Virginia. In fact, the nation’s largest lawn care company is a huge chain with millions of customers across the country that they service through more than 300 branches. They even have branches in Canada.

TruGreen’s Virginia branches include Alexandria, Chesapeake, Lynchburg, Richmond, Arlington, Dulles, Norfolk Metro, Roanoke, Ashland, Hampton, Portsmouth, Centreville, Harrisonburg, Reston, and Suffolk.

Turf’s Up Lawn Care

While you’re reviewing companies that offer lawn care in Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA, we hope you won’t forget to check out Turf’s Up Lawn Care as well.

These are some of the characteristics Turf’s Up embodies that are important to note.

Turf’s Up Rides the Community-Focused Wave

Like many of our competitors, Turf’s Up started out small.

Our owner Todd Thomasson worked on his family’s Virginia-based cattle farm when he was a boy. The work he did there forged a mighty work ethic. He then pursued his dream of obtaining a landscape and turf management degree from Virginia Tech. This background aided him as he built Turf’s Up into the lawn care business it is today. Turf’s Up offers three levels of comprehensive lawn care, mosquito, flea, and tick control, as well as aeration and overseeding services.

turfs up team

Our strong roots in Northern Virginia make us want to continue to beautify the local community.

We want to hear about your lawn care wishes – whether it’s preparing to host a graduation party outdoors or just sinking your barefoot toes into a cool lawn on lazy weekend days.

We can get your lawn into shape for your cherished events and memories with a nutritional plan to build healthy roots and a thick, green lawn that repels weeds.

lawn care technician granular fertilizer

Focusing on your lawn’s total health means you’ll have better results. Your beautiful lawn will make your home look better, your neighborhood look better, and our whole community look better. It’s not just a win; It’s a win, win, win.

An Educated and Skilled Lawn Care Team That Cares

Turf’s Up hires professionals with lawn care experience and time working on Northern Virginia lawns. They have licenses and even degrees that have helped them hone their crafts to provide lawn care services in Northern Virginia.

We invest in our people because they are the core of our lawn care business. We provide them with plenty of benefits and chances to grow so they stay with us. And when our lawn care technicians stay with us, they get to know you and your lawn better, providing better service along the way.

lawn care technician spot spraying weeds

This focus on supporting our key employees means they’ll build longer relationships with you and as they get to know your lawn, they’ll continue to improve its health. And you won't have to continually explain to someone new all the specifics about your yard, its needs, and your preferences.

Longer employee tenures lead to greater careers for them, better lawns for you, and all around healthier community landscapes.

Constant Improvement on the Latest Lawn Care Techniques and Strategies

While we hire qualified and licensed lawn care technicians to deliver the best lawn care services in Northern Virginia. We also know continued education on any new products, equipment, and best practices is vital to staying sharp in the services we provide.

lawn care technician pouring granular fertilizer in spreader

By providing frequent training on local lawn issues, situations, and trends, we can continue to offer the highest level of care, as well as educate you along the way.

This means fewer weeds, a better-looking lawn, and the best techniques necessary to get you there.

Comprehensive Lawn Care Programs – Not Only Visits

What really matters when you receive lawn care services in Northern Virginia is the quality of care you receive. You want a company that is going to assess your lawn, give it a thorough evaluation, including looking at your soil, and provide a program specific to you. What you don’t want is someone just offering the same cookie-cutter treatments to every lawn without looking at your soil, your yard’s size, and your specific conditions.

hands holding soil

Of the three lawn care programs we offer, whichever one you choose, you will receive an explanation about what your lawn needs and what would best help it thrive so you have the knowledge to help you make a great decision.

After all, we’re in this together. Turf’s Up only goal is to give you the lawn you’re seeking.

Make a Confident Lawn Care Decision

As you seek out the best lawn care services in Haymarket, Gainesville, and Warrenton, VA, we know you want to make a great choice. Who doesn’t? We want that, too.

We know this can be frustrating and time-consuming. And there is a lot on the line. Your home curb appeal. Your outdoor ability for maximum relaxation. Your neighborhood reputation. And, most importantly, the health of your lawn.

technician fertilizes lawn

You don't want a lawn care company that just jumps in now and again and sprays without focus or technique and doesn't talk to you before just throwing a bill on your doorknob and driving away. You should expect more than that – no matter which company you choose.

And if you choose us, you can expect us to listen to your concerns and expectations. We’d love to be at the top of your list, of course. We’d be honored to take care of your lawn like it’s our own. The best part for us will be watching your lawn shine as the healthiest and greenest on the block. What’s more is you get to enjoy it without stressing about weeds, bare spots, insects, and other troubles.

Ready to learn why Turf’s Up could be your totally awesome choice for lawn care in Northern Virginia? We’re stoked to learn more about you. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we can prepare a customized plan that is perfect for you and your lawn.lawn care service comparison

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