There isn’t a single person who doesn’t want to get out and enjoy summer when it arrives in Northern Virginia.
Grilled meats and veggies out on the patio. Lounging around the fire pit, catching up with old friends. Throwing the frisbee to the dog or playing catch with a child. It all measures up to fun on those warm, fresh days. 

But there’s something else that loves to come out as the weather warms up, too: mosquitoes. And their quench for dinner might just ruin all your good outdoor parties and get-togethers with their lust for blood. 

You might not even realize their arrival until you start hearing that whirring past your ears. You add the repellant and put on some long-sleeves. But summer nights can still be hot. All of a sudden, you’re overcooking steak because you’re dodging mosquitoes and your missing catches because you’re batting them away instead of keeping your eyes on the ball. 

Because the last thing you want in all of this is itchy bumps and welts that seem to last forever and leave ugly marks on your skin – not to mention the threat of diseases like West Nile virus. 

You might consider mosquito spray treatments to help reduce the populations of mosquitoes in your yard. But maybe you have a bunch of questions about spraying for mosquitoes. Do they work? Are they harmful to pets? How often are they necessary? Can they stop this mosquito insanity in my backyard? 

Let’s learn more about mosquitoes and professional mosquito control services in Loudoun County and Prince William County so you can get all your questions answered.

8 Common Questions About Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes aren’t only frustrating backyard additions, but they are also dangerous because they are known to carry some pretty nasty diseases, including malaria, dengue virus, Zika virus, as well as West Nile virus.

And they can impact you, your family members and your pets. 

Use This Guide to Keep Mosquitoes, Fleas, & Ticks Out of Your Backyard
Mosquitoes breed super fast, doubling and tripling their armies in small puddles of water. So, they quite literally don’t stop all summer long. 

But you can do some things to stop them – namely, mosquito control for your yard. 

As your questions about mosquito control add up, we thought we’d help by answering some of the biggest inquiries about these pests and how to get rid of them.

1. When Do Mosquitoes Come Out in Northern Virginia?

First, you have to know when mosquitoes are most active. 

pest control technician meets homeowner

Once temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above, mosquitoes come out in Northern Virginia. This usually happens in April, and then mosquitoes are active through November. This is important to know when looking for mosquito control services in Northern Virginia, so you know when you need treatments.

2. What Types of Mosquitoes Are in Northern Virginia?

Mosquito control for your yard also involves knowing which mosquito type you’re fighting. 

mosquito on arm

In Northern Virginia, we see mostly Asian tiger mosquitoes, which are unfortunately the biggest carriers of West Nile virus, as well as yellow fever and dengue fever.  

Asian tiger mosquitoes are aggressive biters that feed mostly during the day. They tend to move faster than other mosquito species.

3. How Many Mosquito Control Visits Should I Get?

Since mosquitoes can breed frequently and quickly in small amounts of water, frequency of mosquito control services in Northern Virginia is important to consider. 

pest control technician sprays for mosquitoes

Most mosquito control products don’t last more than 30 days, so you need more than one or two visits from your service professional to ensure season-long control. Gaps in control can bring the onslaught of more pests. 

Many Northern Virginia mosquito control companies offer 4 to 5 visits each year, but Turf’s Up prefers 12 visits that occur every 3 weeks between April and November. We believe this keeps our customers protected for the extent of the mosquito season.

4. What Product is Best for Mosquito Control Services in Northern Virginia?

There are quite a few options available as you look for mosquito control for your yard

Unfortunately, not all of these options are effective or safe. 

Synthetic products can be more hazardous. And this can make mosquito control ineffective. Why? Because you want to be able to spray mosquito treatments near places where you and our family hang out, including play areas, patios, and fire pits. 

family playing in backyard

An organic alternative that works in all areas for mosquito control is cedar oil.

During each cedar oil treatment, a professional will spray your home foundation, as well as areas people hang out, such as around patios, under decks, and near other seating spots. Spraying near your property’s perimeter is also important. 

Cedar oil works by blocking the scent receptors of mosquitoes, disrupting their whole bodily systems.

5. Is Cedar Oil Safe for Use in Your Yard?

One of the biggest things you worry about is safety when spraying for mosquitoes and ticks. 

Since cedar oil is organic, it’s completely harmless to people and pets.

6. Is DIY Mosquito Control Effective?

As you explore options for mosquito control for your yard, you likely come across DIY options, as well as professional services. 

Unfortunately, DIY mosquito control – even those containing cedar oil – haven’t proven very effective against these annoying pests. Professional products typically contain higher-end ingredients, making them more potent. 

Additionally, you have to know where and how often to apply mosquito control to ensure effectiveness. This means treating the right areas using the right equipment. A backpack mister with a fine mist, for instance, is a great tool for mosquito control. 

You also have to ensure you’re prepared to apply DIY products every 30 days from April to November to keep mosquito populations under control.

The job requires knowledge and time. 

A professional mosquito control company can save you time and money since they already have the right products and equipment, as well as the knowledge and time necessary to keep mosquitoes away.

7. What Other Things Can I Do To Prevent Mosquitoes?

In addition to mosquito control for your yard, you want to prevent or limit mosquito populations in your landscape. 

First, move wood piles 20 feet away from your home to limit places where mosquitoes breed and hang out.

professional lawn mowing

Next, eliminate standing water to limit mosquito breeding. 

Also, mow your grass regularly to keep tall grasses down. 

These tasks will help the process of getting rid of these pests and naturally coincide with cedar oil treatments.

8. How Can I Find Good Mosquito Control Services in Northern Virginia?

Mosquitoes don’t limit their attack to just one spot, so mosquito control for your yard usually requires treating your entire landscape. 

So you want to start by hiring a professional company that uses a product that can be sprayed to your whole yard. Specific synthetic products can’t be used on your whole yard, so this may mean you’ll keep getting mosquitoes. 

mosquito control spraying

Hiring a company that uses an organic product like cedar oil helps ensure safety for everyone in your family and keeps mosquitoes at bay. 

You might want to hire a company that does both mosquito control and lawn care. This way, you have a one-stop shop for your yard on everything from lawn care to turf renovation to mosquito management. Plus, you’ll usually save money by using one company for multiple services. And you only have one contact person, making communication simpler. 

In addition to controlling mosquitoes, professional mosquito control with cedar oil also controls fleas and ticks, meaning you eliminate multiple problems with one treatment.

Turf’s Up Can Help You With Mosquito Control Services in Northern Virginia

We hope this question-and-answer session helped you figure out your mosquito control needs in Northern Virginia. 

We know the whole process of eliminating mosquitoes in your yard can be frustrating. These pests are annoying and troublesome. We get it. 

It’s also hard to find a company you trust to help you eliminate mosquitoes and keep your yard safe. 

You have quite a few choices in Northern Virginia for mosquito control for your yard, and we’d love for you to consider Turf’s Up in your options

Our safe, organic cedar oil produce is a huge differentiator. The goal is not to be afraid of mosquito control products, and this one is safe and effective. We believe in its ability to safely eliminate mosquitoes in your outdoor space. 
As a full-service company, we also believe in helping you with all of the landscape challenges on your property. We know mosquitoes may be just one small part of all of your lawn care needs. 

Ready to spend more time in your yard again without swatting at mosquitoes or running back inside because you can’t stand being continually bitten? We’d like to help. Give us a call and we’ll kick those mosquitoes to the curb and answer all of your mosquito control questions so you feel comfortable with your decision. 

Ready to learn why Turf’s Up could be your totally awesome choice for mosquito control services in Northern Virginia? We’re stoked to learn more about you and help you eliminate your mosquito problem once and for all. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we can prepare a customized plan that is perfect for you and your yard. 

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