Your lawn is at the front of your Northern Virginia home: Everyone sees it as they pass by. This means you can’t hide it when it’s not looking well. It’s a bummer for sure.

So you want to bring in a professional to help you maintain your lawn and boost your curb appeal. This is a great move. Whether you’re doing this for the first time or the third time, you can’t help but compare lawn care prices since there isn’t a set rate for these services. You want to know what you’re getting for your money and you want to receive great value. Who doesn’t?

As you begin your research, you might be surprised to see the wide range of lawn care prices. And that’s what makes comparing lawn care costs so challenging. While it can be tempting to choose the cheapest price out there, it can actually cost you more later if the service and results aren’t great. Unfortunately, this is because lawn care services and quality can vary widely from company to company.

Your goal is to compare apples to apples.

Before you sign a lawn care service agreement, here are some tips for comparing lawn care service costs in Northern Virginia so you can get the most for your well-earned dollar.

The Top 4 Factors that Impact the Cost of Lawn Care in Northern Virginia

While you might assume lawn care will cost the same from one local company to another, there are actually many factors that can impact lawn care service prices.

lawn care technician spreading granular fertilizer

We want to help you comprehend what you’re paying for with a look at some of the major items that contribute to lawn care service pricing. These are the main reasons behind why you might see such a dramatic difference in price tags.

1. Your Specific Lawn’s Condition

Every lawn is different.

In towns like Purcellville, Waterford, and Round Hill, VA you see different size lawns. And you even see different conditions. Some lawns are large, thick, and green. Others are small or oddly shaped and patchy.

large lawn in front of home being aerated

This is the primary factor that can influence lawn care costs. At Turf’s Up, we offer lawn care programs that start at $40 per month, based on a 5,500-square-foot lawn. We offer two additional elevated packages based on your lawn’s specific needs. For instance, maybe you need aeration and seeding to thicken and green up your lawn. Or maybe you have a regular grub problem you need to control.

Different packages can serve different needs based on what your lawn requires for top health.

2. Trained and Experienced Technicians

The service professionals who perform the work in your yard are the most critical part of getting the great lawn you’re after. And this workforce is the largest expense of a lawn service business.

As such, you want to know you are getting workers who are worth the costs of lawn care in Northern Virginia. Just like any other service you buy, lower prices could mean less experienced technicians who are paid lower rates.

lawn care technician caring for lawn

Turf’s Up hires experienced technicians and helps them get their necessary licensing and certifications. We pay them what they are worth because happier employees mean better lawns and happier customers. Well-paid technicians are also more likely to stay with us, which benefits you because they get to know you and your lawn.

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We also regularly train them in our best practices. Regular training is essential in keeping technicians up-to-date on best lawn care application techniques. Lawn care practices from walking speed when using granular versus liquid products to equipment calibration can make a difference between a green, lush lawn and one covered in weeds and bare spots.

lawn care technician spraying liquid weed control

This experience and training level can cost more but directly benefits you. Well-trained technicians are much more likely to recognize a problem in your lawn and know how to take care of it. Your lawn care costs come with the benefits of better results.

3. Lawn Care Products that Work

You might notice as you drive through your neighborhood that different companies you see doing work use different equipment and products. Like other products you buy, different quality levels exist. The type of lawn care products a company uses is directly reflected in the prices of lawn care services.

lawn care technician pouring granular fertilizer in spreader

Naturally, some lawn care products and lawn care equipment work better and cost more than others. The obvious benefit for you is that higher quality products work very well. Paying a little more can mean you get more value and better results in less time.

Materials are one factor in a lawn care company’s overhead expenses. Others include office employees who answer your calls, manage customer relations, and handle account needs.

The more a company grows, the more overhead they have. One man with one truck obviously doesn’t employ a lot of people or have a lot of resources, but they also may not always be there to answer your calls. You should look for a company that has the support and communication you need.

4. Adequate Insurance

Quality lawn care businesses will have proper insurance. We know it’s not a very exciting item on the list, but it’s important for you to consider. If an accident should happen on your property, hiring an unlicensed and uninsured company to do the work could cost you a lot of additional money.

The cost of proper insurance isn’t cheap, but it’s a must-have item when you run a proper lawn care business and care about the customers you serve.

Make a Confident Lawn Care Service Choice

Comparing the lawn care costs of one company’s program to another is easy to do.

Digging deeper to figure out exactly what goes into those prices and how your lawn care benefit takes a little more time. We know this can turn into quite the research project.

lawn care technician spot spraying weeds

Let Turf’s Up help you successfully ride this lawn care pricing research wave. We want you to make the most informed and best decision for you and your lawn. Don’t wipe out in the process; let us assist you in comparing prices and programs so you can get the lawn you crave.

Ready to learn why Turf’s Up could be your totally awesome choice for lawn care in Northern Virginia? We’re stoked to learn more about you. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we can prepare a customized plan that is perfect for you and your lawn.lawn care service comparison

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