How Long Does it Take For Lawn Treatments to Work?

Written By: Todd Thomasson

You want to have a great looking lawn quickly – who doesn’t?

We get it. You want the benefits of a gorgeous lawn and instant curb appeal … and you want it quickly.

But grass isn’t like fast food. A drive-thru doesn’t turn grass from yellow to green overnight.

Which might lead you to wonder, “How long does it take for lawn treatments to work? How long does it take to get a nice lawn? How long does it take for my grass to grow? How long does it take to kill weeds?”

We know all of these questions can crop up when you’re on the quest to achieve a better looking landscape. That’s why we’re here to help.

Let’s look at how long various lawn treatments take to work in Northern Virginia so you can better understand the process and timing behind them.

How Long Do Various Lawn Care Services Take to Work?

You might feel, at times, that you’re in a never-ending battle with your lawn.

In fact, you might be constantly frustrated with the color of your lawn, the weeds infesting your lawn, the fact that your grass has splotches on it that can feel like eyesores, and everything in between.

grass with turf disease

It can almost feel like weeds and disease and lawn issues spread faster than any control measures you try to implement.

If you feel like this, know that you’re not alone. And professional lawn care services in Northern Virginia can help. But comprehending how long they take to work can give you more of a realistic expectation so you can continue to build a healthy lawn versus giving up too soon as you fight different issues.

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Here are some of the various treatments you might have performed on your lawn and how long they take to deliver results.

How Long Does it Take for Lawn Fertilizer to Work?

Fertilizer is an essential treatment needed throughout the year when it comes to getting nutrients into your lawn soil, roots, and grass blades.

You might get very excited when you hire a lawn care company and have them come out and fertilize. You might even rush outside right after to see if there are any results.

lawn care technician applies fertilizer

Not so fast. It can take a little time for the plant to absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer. And there are some factors that matter in how well your grass can absorb nutrients as well.

Like anything else, you must exercise patience. It can take fertilizer a few days or weeks to take effect – not a few hours. Fertilizer must absorb into the soil and then into the plant through its roots. If your soil pH is off or if your soil is compacted, that can limit the uptake of fertilizer.

How long does it take for lawn fertilizer to work? You’ll know it’s working if the color of your grass continues improving, looking like what it’s supposed to look like versus discolored. If you notice improvements in overall color, you’ll know it’s working well.

Fertilizer isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Using too much fertilizer or the wrong fertilizer or not fertilizing at the right times or regularly can all negatively impact your lawn. Another thing that will dictate how long it takes for fertilizer to work will be the type of product: liquid or granular. Each type of fertilizer has different uses and are optimal at different times of the year for different purposes, which impacts their speed.

lawn care team pours fertilizer into spreader

Hiring a lawn care professional that conducts a soil test first to learn what nutrients your lawn is missing and then creates a fertilization program and adds any additional services, such as lime treatments or aeration, overseeding, and topsoil applications, based on those soil test results is the type of strategy that will ensure your lawn improves over time.

How Long Does It Take For Weed Killer To Work?

Answering this question means first understanding that there are two main ways to control weeds: through pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides.

These weed control products work by interfering with weed growth either by blocking photosynthesis and protein production or by inhibiting root formation.

lawn care team sprays for weeds

Pre-emergents, like their name implies, are applied to the soil before weeds emerge, creating a barrier that prevents germination from happening. The timing of pre-emergent herbicides is critical in whether or not they are effective. They are particularly helpful on certain weeds, such as crabgrass, that are best controlled with these types of weed killing products.

Since there can be weed breakthroughs if application timing is off, post-emergent products can be effective afterward to target the leafy areas of weeds that are actively growing.

Then, with post-emergents there are selective and non-selective herbicides. Non-selective herbicides kill all vegetation they are applied to, while selective herbicides are designed to kill only certain weeds.

Since different weeds require different treatments, you’ll find a combined approach to weed control will be the most effective since you won’t have only one specific weed in your yard. There will be specialty products, too, for targeting hard-to-control weeds like nutsedge.

lawn care team fertilizes grass

Now that you understand weed control, you can better answer the question, “How long does it take for weed killer to work?” Generally speaking, you will notice weeds beginning to yellow and die in two weeks. Weather conditions will have a big impact on how fast weed control works. If it’s very hot, unusually cold, or overly dry, your results may be slower than average.

Getting rid of weeds can take some time, especially for tougher varieties that require multiple treatments. Staying ahead of the worst weeds and keeping your lawn healthy are the best defenses against weeds. It can take three to four visits to experience overall improvements when you have aggressive weeds, but once you get there, your thick, green lawn will look fantastic.

How Long Does It Take For Lawn Fungicide To Work?

Next, let’s look at the turf disease fighter: lawn fungicide.

Fungi can develop in your lawn when the conditions are just right to bring them out. Weather that usually brings them out are excessively wet and humid conditions that linger on your grass.

When you have a lawn fungus issue that has taken its toll on your lawn, fungicide treatments can help.

lawn care technician spraying lawn

Lawn fungicide is meant to stop lawn fungus in its tracks, but it won’t reverse the damage that may have already happened. After application, it can take roughly a week to take effect, and you shouldn’t see symptoms continuing to worsen afterward. For particularly bad infections, additional treatments may be necessary.

After fungicide stops the active growth of a lawn fungus, you can begin working on lawn repair. Aeration, overseeding, and topsoil can help fill in the areas the fungus thinned out. Then, to prevent further lawn disease, embrace proper watering and mowing habits to keep your grass strong and healthy.

How Long Should You Wait Before Calling Turf’s Up Lawn Care?

We know you want your lawn to look as good as possible as soon as possible. We want that, too.

How long does it take for lawn treatments to work? As you ponder this question, remember that having patience pays off, as well as hiring a company that can deliver a high-quality, comprehensive lawn care program to ensure your lawn thrives.

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If you’re not sure what your lawn needs, give Turf’s Up a call. We have three lawn care packages – bronze, silver, and gold – and we can assess your turf and soil to help figure out which one is right for you. We can explain how each application works and what you can expect, so you have a clear understanding of what you’ll see and how your lawn will look.

Then, all you have to do is marvel at your improved lawn and feel confident you are making a good decision to improve your yard for maximum enjoyment.

Ready to learn why Turf’s Up could be your totally awesome choice for lawn care services in Northern Virginia? We’re stoked to learn more about you and help you have the best lawn on the block. Get started today with a free quote. Together, we can prepare a customized plan that is perfect for you and your yard.

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